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DJ Hardwick

Higher Education Student Affairs Practitioner & Scholar
Graduate Student at Buffalo State University



DJ Hardwick, a dedicated champion for student-centered operational efficiency and mission-driven strategic planning in higher education, envisions a future where educational institutions excel through streamlined processes and strategic initiatives focused on student success. Currently completing his master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration at Buffalo State University, DJ has demonstrated his commitment to this vision through his roles on the University Council, as a Graduate Assistant in Student Leadership and Engagement, and as an intern with the Vice President of Student Affairs. His work, recognized nationally through a NASPA graduate fellowship, along with contributions to institutions like the University of California Merced and Oklahoma State University, showcases his ability to drive effective and innovative operational strategic change. With exceptional functional acumen and a commitment to continuous learning, DJ is poised to make impactful contributions to the evolving landscape of higher education.


University of Nebraska at Kearney

General Studies, B.G.S.

Coursework: event planning, human resource management, counseling, marketing, and communications.


SUNY Buffalo State University

Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration, M.S.

Coursework: student development, research, assessment, counseling and advising, diversity and inclusion, law and policy.

Outstanding Graduate Student
NASPA Region II / 2024

Teamwork Excellence Award
UNK Staff Senate / 2022

Legacy of Leadership Award
UNK Applauding Excellence Committee / 2022

Outstanding Senior Award
UNK Alumni Association / 2022

First Generation Trailblazer Award
UNK First Generation Leadership Board / 2021

Student Employee Rookie of the Year Award
UNK Applauding Excellence Committee / 2021

Golden Loper Award
UNK Student Affairs Division / 2021
Divisional Strategic Plan Draft
Aligned ongoing divisional efforts with an emerging institutional strategic plan by developing a long-term comprehensive strategic plan
UNK senior DJ Hardwick pays it forward
by supporting fellow Lopers

"Hardwick is always looking for ways to
improve the student experience at UNK"
First-Gen student organization
creates a badge of honor at UNK

"Hardwick is soft-spoken, yet his words carry the kind of
weight that causes people to pause and listen intently"
Case Study Program Proposal
Created an accepted student day program proposal presentation for a Society for College and University Planning case study.
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