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Ideal Institutional Values

HEA624 Supervised Practice I - Blogging Assignment 2

Throughout my experience in student affairs, I have found that I thrive in institutions that value student learning and staff engagement. This ideal institutional culture has been shaped by many experiences and will continue to evolve as I encounter new challenges and opportunities. Many institutions advertise being “student-centered”, but few follow through with this promise by including students in decision-making processes.

In my experience, I have found that institutions that value student feedback have positive campus climates where students feel valued and respected. By affording students the dignity to form and share opinions about major institutional decisions, students feel empowered and engaged in their educational journey. As I begin my job search, I will be intentional in ensuring that every position that I apply for includes students in the hiring committee or selection process. Even in entry-level supervisory positions, student employees and program constituents should have a role in creating search criteria or selecting candidates that fit well in the office culture. By assessing and considering the student-centered value, I hope to find an institution with an intentional practice of student inclusion.

Additionally, I hope to work at an institution that values strategic planning and the use of assessment in decision-making. In my professional experience, I have found that I thrive in environments where meaningful data is responsibly collected and transparently used to inform decision-makers and campus stakeholders. By upholding assessment, institutions can verify inclusivity and guarantee that no student is left behind when creating or revising policies and practices. In the job search process, I will be intentional in asking questions to gain an understanding of the institutional commitment to assessment.

As a practitioner, I bring my values to my work with every decision I make and interaction with my community. My values of advancement, collaboration, reliability, excellence, and perseverance are critical to my character and assist me in contributing to healthy progress in my institutional and community affiliations. No matter the position or institution, these values will continue to evolve and guide me both personally and professionally.

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