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Competency Reflection

The Technology Competency Area (TECH) defined by NASPA and ACPA is a broad competency that impacts efficiency and effectiveness in the student affairs profession. The TECH competency is defined as “the use of digital tools, resources, and technologies for the advancement of student learning, development, and success as well as the improved performance of student affairs professionals” (NASPA & ACPA, 2015, p. 33).

As a student affairs professional, I would self-assess my Technology proficiency as advanced. Technology is an aspect of my work that I have embraced for many years as a professional. During all of my experiences in student affairs, I have embraced new technology trends and consistently researched new was to reach efficiency and maximize the effectiveness of programs and services. By embracing technology, I have increased my value to the profession and begun a sustainable practice of competently utilizing resources.

The first outcome that I chose to reflect on is “provide leadership for the seamless integration of social media and other digital communications with broader educational, customer service, marketing, and community engagement efforts that communicate and develop dialogue and community around shared common institutional values” (NASPA & ACPA, 2105, p. 35). I demonstrated this outcome at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in my role as the First Year Experience Coordinator. In this role, I was charged with safeguarding cohesive department branding and developing strategic and innovative marketing campaigns. To reach these lofty targets, I researched industry trends and utilized multiple platforms including Canva, Meta Business Suite, and Facebook Advertising. These technology tools and platforms allowed me to manage projects and create over 250 social media posts and campaigns. In this role, I was able to produce a 73% increase in page reach and 160% increase in page engagement for 3 social media accounts with a total following of 4,800.

The second outcome I selected was “utilize multiple strategies for accessing and assessing information, critically considering the sources of information as well as the purposes or agendas that led to the dissemination of the data as presented” (NASPA & ACPA, 2015, p. 34). This outcome directly relates to my academic experience at Buffalo State College and the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Technology has allowed me to harness learning opportunities and catalog information that assists me in organizing my thoughts. In my undergraduate and graduate academic experiences, I have utilized Microsoft OneNote to organize information and store notes for every class, meeting, and conference. By collecting this wealth of information, I have set myself up for success in the future by having reliable documentation that I can search and disseminate when appropriate.

The third outcome that I selected was “provide leadership in the development of new means of leveraging technology for assessing, certifying, and credentialing the holistic learning and development of students through cocurricular learning endeavors” (NASPA & ACPA, 2015, p. 35). I have worked towards improving this outcome by exploring Qualtrics Experience Management software. Becoming proficient in Qualtrics has allowed me to accurately gather data and improve assessment quality for programs and services. I recently studied for and passed the Qualtrics Platform Essentials certification to prove my knowledge. By completing this industry certification, I have opened many doors to assisting colleagues with assessment projects and building quality surveys. By ensuring that assessment is being conducted in a reliable manner, I can begin to collect data on student sense of belonging, satisfaction, and overall campus climate.

Overall, I am confident in the Technology competency outcomes. I acknowledge the goals that I have accomplished while understanding that the stream of new information never ceases. I hope to continue pushing myself to be curious and always willing to try new technology trends and tools.


Qualtrics Certification

Summer Seminar Series Flyer

Social Media Analytics Report

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