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Graduate Student Portfolio

SUNY Buffalo State College
Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration

NASPA & ACPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators


​As a Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration Master's student at SUNY Buffalo State University,
DJ will be reflecting on the 10 competencies for student affairs educators.
Each competency below includes a reflection and artifacts to support the competency level. Click the links below to learn more:

Supervised Practice I
Fall 2022

Personal & Ethical Foundations

Values, Philosophy, & History

Social Justice & Inclusion

Supervised Practice II
Spring 2024

Assessment, Evaluation, & Rsrch.

Law, Policy, & Governance

Student Learning & Development

Organization & Human Resource

Advising & Supporting

Professional Development Plan

Personal and Ethical Foundations Competency Area

Professional Development Goal 1: Incorporate personal and professional wellness into my professional praxis.

  • Engage in at least 1 wellness activity weekly in the spring 2023 semester.

  • Purposely consume 2 wellness or sustainability podcasts, videos, or articles each month of 2023.

  • Intentionally organize work schedules in 2023 to ensure that wellness is a priority by blocking off lunch times, focus breaks, and work periods.

Values, Philosophy, and History Competency Area

Professional Development Goal 2: Stay involved in student affairs professional associations and professional development opportunities.

  • Apply for the NASPA GAP program in Fall 2023.

  • Interview with at least 5 NODA or ACUHO-I summer 2023 internships.

  • Attend at least one student affairs professional development conference in spring 2023, fall 2023, and spring 2024.

Leadership Competency Area

Professional Development Goal 3: Increase involvement at Buffalo State and within the HESAA department.

  • Determine a personal interest area and topic to further research with a faculty advisor by spring 2024.

  • Join at least one campus-wide committee or task force by fall 2023.

  • Attend at least 4 HESAA Collective events in spring 2023 and apply for a leadership position.

Social Justice and Inclusion Competency Area

Professional Development Goal 4: Expand social justice knowledge base of theory, intentional practices, and inclusive terminology.

  • Attend at least 3 social justice-centered trainings or webinars in 2023.

  • Read and discuss all social justice articles published by NASPA and MIT Sloan Management Review.

  • Determine at least 3 innovative ways to incorporate social justice in existing programs and services in spring 2023.

Technology Competency Area

Professional Development Goal 5: Become an expert in technology tools that can increase efficiency and effectiveness while sharing knowledge with peers and colleagues.

  • Attend 1 student affairs technology conference by spring 2024.

  • Develop technology platform training materials to assist colleagues during spring 2023.

  • Use assessment technology to develop a Buffalo State student involvement survey by March 2023 that accurately measures sense of belonging.

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