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Personal Leadership Philosophy

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Personal Mission Statement:

I will provide service to others as a builder of people and a builder of systems that build people. I believe that change must be embraced, and teams must be motivated through goal setting and progress. I will frequently and consistently reflect on my leadership, impact on those around me, and the legacy that I am leaving behind.


Personal Values:


I will embrace change to solve problems, maintain a competitive advantage, and make the most of resources.


I will rely on teamwork and encourage everyone to do their best while communicating gratitude and respect.


I will be a dependable leader and set a positive example by ensuring that my actions align with my goals.


I will provide feedback that promotes a culture of excellence where teammates are unwilling to accept defeat.


I will strive to see failure as the price of success and use mistakes as stepping-stones for future success.


Personal Mantras:

Don’t wait for things to happen, make things happen.

Rumination is not reflection. Move on.

We are not perfection; nor are others.

Hope is in tomorrow, but reality is now.

Life is service.


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